Your Zingaras Jewels Jewellery has been beautifully hand-crafted by artisans all around the world. To maintain the beauty of your pieces, we recommend that you follow these simple steps:
  • To ensure the longevity of your piece it is best to avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, hair spray, fake tan, cosmetics & all other chemicals. Always remove prior to showering, swimming, and exercising to avoid discolouring. Store away in a safe dry place or the keep-sake box/pouch that your item came in. 
  • Due to the fragile nature of some of our pieces, the upmost care must be taken. We recommend all jewellery be cleaned only with a microfiber cloth to remove sweat, oil & dust after use. No detergents or cleaning solutions should be used as they are too harsh for costume jewellery.
  • Dropping or heavy handling of our jewellery can cause damage, scratches or loss of stones. This will not be considered a fault and will not result in a refund or exchange. Damage from careless wear is not the responsibility of the brand. Please handle with care.
  • Due to the nature of gold and silver plating and the frequency of wear, it can over time tarnish or discolour. The metal may become dull over time, this is a natural part of wear and tear and not a fault within the product itself. 
  • ZINGARAS JEWELS pieces are costume jewellery only that are normally a combination of zinc alloy, copper or stainless steel. Otherwise listed in the description of the product. All our earrings are lead and nickel free, with either a S925 or surgical steel pin. 
  • Please note that the S925 pins are a very soft metal which do bend, this is due to the nature of the metal and how it is made, it is not a fault. They can easily be repositioned back into shape and not affect the wearing of the earrings.
  • We advise all customers that have purchased heavier earrings to purchase our ear lobe support patches to assist the lobes with the weight of the earrings. These work wonders & really help to prevent pulling of the lobes and prevent loss of earrings.
  • We always add in mini care packs with all our orders with extra backings, a cleaning cloth & care instructions.
  • All approximate measurements and weights are listed in the description of each of the products. Please choose carefully before purchasing.

Water-safe Collection 

  • Our water-safe collection is durable enough to emersed into water, but it is not 100% waterproof. No fashion jewellery is. We still advise that you follow this care guide & continue to remove your jewellery prior to swimming or showering to prolong the life & sparkle of your piece. Obviously if you choose not to, that's totally ok, but just keep in mind your piece will lose its shine that bit quicker. However, these pieces are very durable and will definitely stand the test of time over non water safe jewellery.
  • Wearing your jewellery in the ocean is totally fine but it is important to know that the salt water and sand can be harsh on your Zingaras Jewels pieces and fade off the gold plating over time exposing the silver underneath. Although this would take some time!
  • Showering with your water safe jewellery is totally fine providing it doesn't come into contact with soaps, shampoos and other chemical based body products.
  • Swimming in chlorinated in pools is not recommended due to the chemicals like chlorine & others that will interact with your jewellery making it become dull and tarnished alot quicker.